Gift Card Balance – Check Your Gift Card Balance Online

Do you want to know the amount of money remaining on your gift card? If you want to check the balance, you just need to select your desired gift card name from the list below. Our easy-to-use resource will guide you to check your gift card balance online, at the merchant’s store, or over the phone conveniently.

What is a Gift Card?

A gift card, also called gift token, or gift voucher, is a preloaded debit card containing a certain amount of money that is available for use for several purchases. A gift card is usually used as an alternative to cash when purchasing in a particular store. Some of the gift cards can only be used at specific retail stores, but some can be used in many different stores that accept credit cards.

Marketers, banks, or retailers often issue gift cards to customers as gifts or rewards. Some of the gift cards issued by organizations are used as a promotion strategy to attract customers to purchase more goods and services at a lower price. Most gift cards you will come across are typically custom-tailored to meet particular needs. You will find a custom name or message on the front side to show appreciation.

You will notice that some gift cards can be reloaded while others are usually disposed of when the value on the card has been exhausted. The reloadable gift cards have an online electronic system to help you add funds to the card, and you can use it for purchases multiple times.

Most of the gift cards issued by retailers and marketers resemble a credit card. You can identify the card by its specific digit code or number on the back of the card. Generally, a gift card does not have the name of an individual, and hence, it can be used by anyone.

There are two types of gift cards, open-loop, and closed-loop. An open-loop card can be used at any retail store that accepts payment through cards while a closed-loop card can only be used with a single merchant.

What is a gift card used for?

Giving gifts during the holiday and on special occasions such as birthdays and graduations is a tradition for many people. However, it can be stressful deciding on what gift to give to a friend or family member. If it is hard for you to think of the perfect gift for someone, then consider buying a gift card at the recipient’s favorite store or brand.

A gift card will make you feel confident in your gift, and the recipient will choose his or her adventure. Gift cards are generally thoughtful and flexible since the receiver has the freedom to choose what they want as a gift, and this means that you can buy goods or services in stores or restaurants by just using a gift card you received. Also, gift cards help customers to take advantage of the promotions after holidays.

Most sellers love offering gift cards to increase sales in their business. In most cases, when someone redeems a gift card, chances are he or she will go beyond the previous value of the card. Therefore, customers will probably visit a store often and spend a little more. Selling gift cards means you get upfront revenue as a merchant irrespective of whether the card is redeemed. Gift card holders may lose the card, forget, or don’t bother to use the funds available. 

How do gift cards work?

Gift cards are one of the convenient ways to give a gift to someone, but you need to be cautious when purchasing them. You need to know whether a card has an expiration date and if it restricted to certain stores. Buying a gift card is simple, and all you need is to decide on the amount of money you want to spend. Some stores have the option of sending a gift card electronically by email, text message, or via an application.

Most of the gift cards are usually activated when purchased, and hence, the recipient does not need to activate the card. However, some cards need to be activated by the recipient. If this the case, you can activate your card by calling the merchant or by providing the correct activation codes on a merchant’s website.

To buy a gift card, you need to visit a retail store and make payment upfront. The merchant will then process the payment and issue with a receipt and a card loaded with the amount you paid. When issued with a card, you can use it to buy goods or services you want. You just need to provide your card to a retail store. Money is deducted, and a receipt is issued with the remaining balance. If the funds are depleted, you can load the card if possible or use other payment options.

What are the benefits of gift cards?

Gift cards are usually considered as a more refined, safe and convenient gift because they show that you have put some thought and effort in gifting. You do not have to worry about whether the receiver will like the gift or not since you give a certain amount of cash to a person to buy whatever he/she desires. Here are some benefits of gift cards:


Gift cards are often prepaid cards that you just need to swipe to make electronic payments. In addition, mobile gift cards usually come directly into your mobile phone via SMS or email. Therefore, this makes a mobile gift card easier to carry on your phone and even safer since the card is linked to your phone number.


In general, gift cards work just like debit cards and they are considered safe because you can freeze them in case you lose one or if stolen without losing the value of money in it. In addition, you can use your gift card to easily purchase goods online, in-store or in-app without worries.

Freedom to choose what you like

A gift card gives you the freedom to purchase whatever you desire from a retail store or online. If you are planning on gifting on a special occasion and have no clue what the receiver likes, the best way to gift is by issuing a gift card so that he/she purchases whatever they desire.

Helps in tracking your budget

You can easily lose track of your budget if you want to present gifts to friends or relatives especially during holidays. If you are on a budget, you can avoid overspending by purchasing gift cards with set denominations. For young shoppers, gift cards can help them to keep track of the amount of money spent on purchases. You can use the cards to easily monitor and control your spending by restricting the amount of money available as well as locations of spending.

What are the disadvantages of a gift card?

Some gift cards have fees, especially those provided by banks. You will also note that some banks even charge for using cards. Besides, some gift cards usually charge upfront fees or maintenance fees, in case you do not use the card within a specified period.

Expiration dates. Some gift cards do not last for long because they will expire after a certain period (generally twelve months). Therefore, as a customer, you will need to check the expiration date on your card before buying it.

Gift cards are often impersonal, and this means that you do not have to put a lot of thought into them. All you need to do is swipe your card and you are done.

Retailers may shut down their business before a gift card is used. This means that the funds on your card will be rendered useless since all store locations have been closed. This issue mostly affects those using closed-loop gift cards.

Gift cards can be lost very easily. Most of the gift cards that have not been used most probably have been lost, or the recipient cannot remember where the card is placed.

Circumstances may force you to spend more money. Gift cards are meant to save you money, but unfortunately, you may end up spending more money purchasing gift cards than buying a gift from a store.

How to check balance on a gift card?

You can check balance on your gift card by logging into the online balance checking portal of the merchant. Note that not all the merchants offer online balance checking option. You can visit their stores or call their phone number to know how much is left on your gift card.

However, you can navigate to the list below to know available options to check your balance from the merchants easily.