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Michael Jordan Rookie Card PSA 4 Fleer #57 MJ Collector INVESTMENT 1986 Man Cave

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Price: 11,969.00 USD

Card Details:

Michael Jordan Rookie Card PSA 4 Fleer #57 MJ Collector INVESTMENT 1986 Man Cave


Light scratch on the front of the case. See picture #2. Card is unaffected.

Arguably the most collectible card of all time, here is your chance to own a PSA 4 Michael Jordan rookie card! From the renowned 1986 Fleer set, this Michael Jordan rookie is as stunning as it is valuable! Consider this, as recently as three years ago Michael Jordan rookie cards in this grade could be bought for his little has $800 dollars!

Simply search eBay completed and sold listings to see their meteoric rise in value, and especially over the last few months! Also consider that as recently as a year ago a perfect PSA 10 Jordan sold for only $23,000!

Recent completed auctions include a PSA nine for $40,600.03 with many comparable auctions even higher! With the federal reserve planning on printing more money than they did even in 2020, what do you think will happen to the value of those dusty dollars? Our humble opinion is that the spending power of the US Dollar continues to decline, easily evidenced by the rapid increase of pricing on THINGS THAT THE FEDERAL RESERVE CANNOT PRINT IN PERPETUITY.

Grade is PSA 4 (Professional Sports Authenticator). Signature confirmation is absolutely required, no exceptions.


This is not your beginner card ladies and gentlemen. Serious buyers only. If the price is too high we also have several lower graded Jordan rookies – all done by PSA. If you have any doubts whatsoever as to the veracity of our claims or pricing models, I encourage you to search “Jordan Rookie PSA” in your eBay search bar, and then click on the box below labeled “sold items.” The proof is in the pudding! Our humble estimation is that after 2021 you’ll see these prices look CHEAP as the US Dollar continues to melt away its value through endless money printing!

Search PSA’s own website for an unbiased verifying of the certification! Also consider Ebay’s new Quick Opinion service where an eBay expert independently verified the authenticity of this card prior to purchase for as low as 10 bucks – thereby allowing for a two-pronged verification of this nearly priceless investment!

Consider this – the stimulus money printed in 2020 alone represents nearly 20% of all current dollars in circulation!


Condition of this original PSA Case is “Good” but see photos for your best description and ask your questions freely! Please however, no need to send eBay messages berating our pricing for this once in a lifetime piece. We have several more of these Beauties sitting in a big old safe that won’t come out until these are selling for $100,000.00+ dollars! Our humble opinion is that we get there much faster than originally anticipated!

Think of it this way…in a recent Fed Meeting Chairman Jerome Powell alluded to the reality that the Federal Reserve won’t even be “thinking about thinking about” raising interest rates until 2023!

Translation? Our monetary system is so far gone that our own government can only afford to pay its debts when interest rates are at the zero-bound level!

Put another way, the Fed must continue to print money with abandon – making investments like this Jordan Rookie next to invaluable!

What is the value of something that can’t be printed in an age where money is literally being minted in the trillions – and on a monthly basis no less!

To us the choice is absolutely clear – the savvy investor should protect herself (or himself 😉) before it’s too late!

Shipped within 24 hours of payment either by UPS or USPS depending on location. Signature delivery is absolutely required, no exceptions. ❤️

Buy with confidence!

You get the exact card you see pictured!

Card will be video and audio recorded during the entirety of the packaging process for buyer and seller protection.

Veteran owned USA 🇺🇸 small business!

Same day shipping store wide!

My family and I are so grateful for your interest!


Description above are opinions only and not investment advice. Consult a professional financial advisor before making life-changing investment decisions.

Rather than buying that upgraded SUV that will depreciate by 30% when you drive off the car lot, buy something that could potentially yield a 10x return in the years to come!

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