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Kobe Bryant Rookie RC 1996-97 SPX #SPX-22 BGS 8.5 NM-Mint+ 9.5-9-8.5 Subs! SP

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Kobe Bryant Rookie RC 1996-97 SPX #SPX-22 BGS 8.5 NM-Mint+ 9.5-9-8.5 Subs! SP


I buy on eBay more than I sell, so I know what it’s like to be surprised (in a bad way) when receiving cards in the mail. My primary concern is for you to know exactly what you are receiving when you purchase a card from me. I expect all potential buyers to review the description and the posted pictures before buying or making offers and, the more condition is important to you, the more closely I expect you to examine the pictures.

At the same time, you can rely on me to be completely honest in my listing practices. I do not attempt to hide any flaws or defects. Rather, I do my best to emphasize all condition-related issues through the pictures. I will absolutely describe (in the last paragraph of this section) any flaws I notice that are difficult to capture in pictures or that I believe might go unnoticed. After all, if you purchase a card from me, it will most likely be in your hands within a week and I expect that you will promptly examine its condition. So, not only do I believe in maintaining integrity in the industry, I also see no benefit to temporarily misleading buyers.

Please understand that mistakes do happen. I may overlook a condition issue, or I may forget to point something out after making a mental note to do so. I do not advertise refunds because I believe it will invite fraud. Nevertheless, I am willing to consider all reasonable requests if you feel you received a card that was not appropriately described (here or in pics). Just send me a message explaining the issue and I will try my best to resolve it. If the mistake was on your part, I will likely ask that you cover shipping and fees charged through PayPal. If the mistake was on my part, I will make things right.

I do not examine graded cards for condition. Further, I am unlikely to notice any small imperfections with the brick (graded card case). If the condition of the brick is important to you, please ask me for pics and I will be happy to oblige.

Unless otherwise noted, cards are shipped first class in a bubble envelope, in or with a new top loader and penny sleeve, protected by cardboard on both sides. It will be properly packaged to arrive at your door exactly as shown in the pics.

I will combine shipping on all orders! All cards sent in or with a new case. I don’t use scotch tape!

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